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Misery Maxence - Fractured Magical Girl Empty Misery Maxence - Fractured Magical Girl

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Character Description


Misery Maxence - Fractured Magical Girl Pbucket

Basic Information

Character Name: Misery Maxence
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: Barely over 5 feet tall
Weight: Featherweight
Personality: Outwardly, Misery attempts to put a brighter spin on any situation and generally behaves as a young child would. Inwardly her mind is a swirling turmoil of dark negativity just waiting to break free. Depending on circumstances she can either adamantly and almost desperately cling to her false happiness or fall apart into a basket case of despair. Either of her sisters are deeply familiar with how to cause the latter.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): None
Power/Ability: Misery's powers are largely a mystery to everyone but herself and she's unclear in description as to what she's actually capable of. When she's happy she enjoys wearing the facade of an anime magical girl, but when she's not...


Arriving much later than her two sisters, Misery got all the treatment the baby of the family tends to receive from her parents. Well taken care of by her parents, her siblings didn't treat her nearly as well.

Put under all manner of abuse whenever they were alone, Malady used her younger sister like a doll and tested her resilience without mercy. It didn't take long before the joyful, outgoing girl that Misery used to be was nothing but a show for her parents and the public as she sank into suicidal despair.

Despite her dire mistreatment at the hands of her sisters, Misery is still fiercely loyal to her family and refuses to allow any harm to come to them, going so far as to sacrifice her own life to save theirs.

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