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Post by Nyrax on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:53 am

Character Description


Basic Information

Character Name: Mister Pipes (Formerly known as Trevor)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5/7
Weight: 180 lbs
Personality: A thinker, despite being just a low-level enforcer for The Syndicate Mister Pipes always uses his brain before making any action. He calculates every move he can to advance himself farther in the organization and bring down those that stand in his way. He's often quiet and tries to pass it off for being slow or bored, when it truth he's trying to get a read on everyone in the room.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): While Mister Pipes has a variety of weapons depending on his assignment, he always has at least a single switchblade on him along with a pistol.
Power/Ability: Mister Pipes body has adapted to have the ability to give off pheremones in the air around him. When he does this, anyone around him can start to lose their judgment and become quick to anger. While the ability seems small, Mister Pipes has used this to start conflicts with other members of the Syndicate to make them kill each other and take no blame for the deaths.


Born in an abusive household, Mister Pipes (formally known as Trevor) learned at a very young age that it paid to keep your mouth shut, especially when you knew you were smarter than everyone else in the room. Suffering at the hands of his father daily, Mister Pipes decided to get out of that life. At the age of 12, he tricked his father in to hitting him hard enough to leave marks. Shortly, authorities were called and the father was taken to prison.

Jail isn't kind to men who beat up kids, and the man was shanked within a few month's time.

Growing up, Mister Pipes ended up joining an organized crime group known as The Syndicate, one of the four most powerful gangs in America City. While only a low-level enforcer, he's working on rising through the ranks. Using his intellect and bribes, he's been able to make various members of the group turn on each other and kill one another.

One day, Mister Pipes was caught in his trickery and was about to be executed by a more senior member. Mister Pipes quickly blamed another member of the group, saying that he was framed. It was a stupid lie, but it was all Mister Pipes could come up with, and for some strange reason it worked. The men started turning on each other and fighting, quickly turning to violence as all the men killed each other off.

That was when Mister Pipes realized the power he had, and knew that he would work and develop it until he became head of The Syndicate. He continues his work as an enforcer, though his eyes now rest a few levels above where he currently is. Mister Pipes planned on spilling blood soon.


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