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Fenrir von Wolfgang - Much Wow!  Empty Fenrir von Wolfgang - Much Wow!

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Character Description


Fenrir von Wolfgang - Much Wow!  Sample_6fee4f1656c3342ab99cf1a2d92fa181_zpsblvvhzhc

Basic Information

Character Name: Fenrir von Wolfgang
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Height: 35" to the Withers
Weight: 230 lbs
Personality: Playful and Onerous. Very Dominant. Very possessive/defensive of Astral cause she gives the best belly rubs.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Claws and Fangs
Power/Ability: Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Smarter and Tougher than an average wolf. Fenrir is overflowing with stamina and vigor, possessing more than any living being should, he can survive wounds that would eradicate any other being and take them in stride. Fenrir can also transfer this Vigor to another by licking their wounds, accelerating the healing dramatically.


On Fenrir von Wolfgang:

On [Date Redacted] at [Time Redacted] while Commander Astral Black was returning from [Place Redacted] her Leer Jet [SN Redacted] was shot down over northern Alaska the the plane broke up at ten-thousand feet. Due to [Pilot's Name Redacted] distress call a S&R operation was immediately organized to recover Astral Black, or her body for research.

After a Twenty four hour delay due to weather the S&R team discovered Commander Astral Black alive, and set down in a field nearby her position, where they found her accompanied by a large Canine that was later determined to be a Wolf.

[The Commander's report on the incident is Above your clearance level]

Within Commander Astral Blacks blacks report, she mentions having several injuries most non severe, and the Canine licking them after leading her to a hot spring to keep her warm. However, in the S&R Crew Chief's report it mentions recovering Astral black in tattered clothing without a scratch on her. The Medic's report also confirms this.

[The S&R Crew Chief's report on this incident is Above your clearance level]
[The S&R Medic's report on this incident is Above your clearance level]

Having returned to base Astral Black chartered a Helicopter back to the place of her rescue within an hour of her return. Her trip brought the Canine back from it's wild habitat to both be studied and trained by Commander Astral Black and a team of specialists.

[The Specialists reports have been sealed at the Behest of the Commander]

As Commander Astral Black had discovered the Wolf, she was the one who named it, Fenrir von Wolfgang. Fenrir responds well to most commands given by trained handlers, but works the best with Astral. It was also accidentally found that Fenrir is good with children.

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