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Character Description

Coming soon! In the meantime:
Description of Clive:

Clive’s basic appearance. Light-skinned, short but unruly black hair. There's a small scar running perpendicular to the left corner of his mouth (making a kind of side ways t).

Attire, a button down short sleeve shirt. Faded yellow, with a frayed collar. Buttoned up 3/4th of the way up. With a white shirt beneath.

Black Jean shorts that barely go passed his knees when standing. The cuffs are frayed. Typically wears black sandals, but when in someone’s home, often takes them off immediately.

Sis’s basic appearance when Active. A white, basketball sized sphere made of a bone like material. On the front is an indentation of an open eye. Coming from behind are four tendrils resembling long cat tails (so long, thin, furry, and black in this case). These have a variable length (and can even fully retract into the sphere), but can extend no longer than two feet.

The Fused form. Clive’s skin, snow white. His hair, straight and shoulder length. There's the same eye indentation along his forehead that was on Sis. Two black crack-like marks travel down from either corner of the eye (one per corner), framing his face and reaching to his chin. Along his arms, there are very small and faint crack-like marks along his white skin. Same for his legs. Anywhere from two to five on any given limb. From his back, there are three pairs of black tendrils coming out (resembling a black panther's tail). As with Sis’s, these tentacles are variable length and can fully retract, while having a maximum length of ten feet.

Basic Information

Character Name: Clive Vit
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5’9½
Weight: 151 lbs.
Personality: On the surface, outgoing and hardworking, he shows the world a smiling face with no hints of what lies beneath. He puts his all into helping others, often at some cost to himself. In truth, he’s insecure and clingy, trying to find a purpose to follow.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Typically none, but will use anything blunt that’s nearby if backed into a corner.
Power/Ability: Guardian Familiar – Sis
An entity that tags along Clive. Has three “forms” it can take: Dormant, Active, and Fused.

Dormant simply takes the appearance of a molar, with nothing particular special about it as such.
Active is that of a basketball sized ball made of bone with four slender, fur covered tentacles. These tentacles are used as arms or legs, whichever is more necessary for the occasion. Prehensile and extremely dexterous, Sis in this form is capable equal feats of strength as the average person.

Fused is exactly as one would imagine: when Clive and Sis combine. Hairstyle and skin tone change aside, this form is mostly just Clive. Plus six variable length tentacles sprouting from his back (and often through his clothes). As one, Clive’s physical abilities gain a boost to almost superhuman levels, being able to walk away for from things as severe as getting hit by a car (not without getting the wind knocked out of him), agility to keep up with top tiers bicyclers, and power to shatter stone in one blow and wear away at some tougher materials with time. Generally Clive is the one in control of this form, but Sis has been dominant once in the past…

Sis is sentient and very protective of Clive. While Dormant, Sis sees the world through his eyes. When Active, Clive can focus intently to see and hear what Sis does, Sis process both sensory outputs at once. Sis can talk to Clive mentally as well as convey its emotions to him and vice versa, but it has no way of communicating vocally to others.

Any damage Sis takes recovers when Clive gets a full night’s rest. Even if fully destroyed, he will cough up Sis’s Dormant form when he awakens.

Sis Bio:
Character Name: Sis
Gender: Maybe a girl? Never has answered the question
Age: 3 months
Height: Dormant= it’s literally the size of a tooth / Active= 10”
Weight: Dormant= negligible / Active= 20lbs
Personality: Highly protective of Clive. Will quickly resort to violence if Clive does not keep it in check. Her emotions flare and change as wildly as an open flame on a windy day. Distrustful of most people they meet, Sis tries her best to be there for Clive when no one else will. And failing that, will try to get him to talk to those she does trust.


Born into a rich family, Clive lived a comfortable life. Never one to have many friends, and none that he had were very close, Clive was never really unhappy. He never really got to see his dad much as he was some doctor, but his mother stayed home and spoiled him with gifts and affection.

As he grew older, his time with no one friends began to press on him more, and he felt directionless. Outside of a desire to help others and be useful, there was nothing that really appealed to him. Clive did not caremuch of blood and always being away from family like his dad. Psychoanalyzing people was never something he felt was necessary. And he never had the motivation to look into other people oriented task. His mother tried gently pushing him towards one thing or another, seeing what would capture his passion, but nothing ever sparked with him.

By early high school, Clive began noticing changes among the Vit household. Whenever his father was home, beer cans would literal the living room and he would remain glued to the couch until either work or the bathroom called. Mother became more distant and always seemed on edge. She flinched at sudden moves, and Clive constantly saw her wearing long-sleeved robes around the house, and sporting more modest attire these days in general. It did not take genius to put two and two together, but confronting his mom about it resulted in her avoiding the subject. And as long as his father held a can in his hand, Clive found him very unapproachable. Catching him without a beer, however, had proved itself impossible. All the while, Clive did his best to at least seem happy to others, and keep others from worrying. Not that he had anyone close enough to worry for him.

College came, and with his growing depression and lack of direction, Clive found it increasingly hard to stay motivated. A new worry was added in when he began waking up in the morning with a loose tooth in his mouth with none of his own missing, and voices in his head attempting to comfort him and shouting paranoia. All of these sudden developments promptly resulted in him dropping out, and returning home.

First day back home, Clive walks in on his father beating his mother. What happened next, Clive has recollection of. When he came to, blood covered his hands, his mother was whimpering in a corner, and the disfigured remains of his father being senselessly pounded on by some... creature. Clive took it into his own hands to destroy the creature, but the damage was done.

Two months of therapy later and Clive had a better understanding of what happened that day. He lived in an apartment in one of the better section of America City's downtown area, away from home. His mother picked up her old job as nurse to continue living as she had. Clive made a living driving around his father's SUV and taking people from point A to B. While on the side, transporting not-people on his own motorized scooter. He keeps the secret of his powered status away from everyone but his therapy. But for how much longer can he keep it up..?

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