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Post by Marz on Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:10 am

Welcome to America City, USA; the crown jewel of the United States. This patriotic city on the coast is home to over six million proud residents, plus outlying towns and suburbs. It's the ideal city of concrete, steel and glass over half a mile high and spreading outward from the city center, known as Freedom Square, for miles. It's the corporate seat of several large businesses and among one of the most active cities in the world. Where America City leads, America follows, and so follows the world.

Trouble is brewing in the world however. Over the last few weeks, rumors have arisen from every corner of the globe of inexplicable events; people with powers, both great and terrible. Over the last few weeks, the whispers and rumors have given way to belief and confirmed sightings, too many to fake. With such incredible powers in the hands of so few, less than one percent of one percent of the population, the world holds its breath to see what the future will bring and when the world watches, it turns its eyes to America City.

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