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Character Description


Noah Revelle Guy

Basic Information

Character Name: Noah Revelle
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 195
Personality: Helpful, Courteous, Kind, Generous. The type of guy whose late to work because he was helping a group of old ladies cross the street. A guy so wrapped up in helping others he forgets to help himself some times. Also the kind of guy that can't stand bullies. If forced to physical violence he becomes complete ruthless.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Weighted-knuckle Finger-less Gloves. Maglite ML300L (Big Flashlight). Defense Technology MK3 2% (Hot Pepper Spray). Leatherman Multi-tool (Big Swiss Amy Knife).
Power/Ability: Noah can project Mental Energy. Currently Noah can only project "Shields". A Shield is a square Yard of translucent blue energy that is Immovable, and Nigh impenetrable. If Noah remains focused on a Shield it can remain indefinitely. Without his focus on it a Shield loses it's integrity, until completely disappearing after about 300 seconds. Currently Noah can only project 1 Shield at a time.


He's an America City story in the making. Born to a poor family in the recovering neighborhood(read: slum) of Patriot Mills, Noah Revelle was a standout. His Father instilled within him a fire to do what was right no matter what others thought, and his mother instilled a love of kindness. Noah wanting to bring his family out of the tenements  did his best to graduate early from Patriot Mills Community High School at the young age of 16. Though he was suspended twelve times and nearly expelled all together. Noah had an issue with bullies, weather they were Jocks or Bangers it didn't matter to him, every time someone pushed their weight around without reason or for selfish gain, Noah felt obligated to step in and make it his issue. This lead to a lot of fights and a reputation not backing down. Through willpower, and with a little training Noah was able to back up his reputation and for his stay at the PMCHS. A reputation which Followed him to Inner America City Community College.

To put himself through College Noah received an Advanced Learner's Grant. At the start of his third year in college Noah's violent history within the school system was discovered during an Audit and the Money was pulled. Not willing to put his family's savings on the line Noah conspired with a friend of his Father's and became a Live-in Security Guard at the man's warehouse in exchange for tuition costs, room, board and a small stipend. Noah now lives out of an 80' Shipping Container, going to classes and shopping are the only regular reasons he leaves the Shore front District.

It was on the foot trek to the closest supermarket that Noah had a run-in with destiny. Whilst helping a crippled Veteran cross the street, a semi-truck leaving the nearby highway jackknifed and slid out of control toward Noah and the man he was helping. Noah doesn't recall but bystanders said that he threw the man out of the path of danger as the truck bared down on him and threw up a single defiant hand and stopped the truck cold in it's tracks. Then fell down unconscious with a bloody nose.  

Since his incident which was caught on camera and uploaded to Youtube, Noah who recovered within a few days has been hounded by tabloids and journalism students, but plays coy that he doesn't know what happened, that God was watching out for him. Or something like that. The truth of the matter is that Noah would rather be left alone, and with some practice was able to replicate the phenomenon that stopped the truck in it's tracks.

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