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Character Description


Malady Maxence - Socialite Succubus_by_kse25-d4j992l_zpsscltyhmh

Basic Information

Character Name: Malady Maxence
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Personality: Malady is a pompous rich bitch who buys her friends and shamelessly flaunts her uncanny way of life publicly. She's cruel in every sense of the word, prone to venomous outbursts of anger and hatred at the drop of a pin. However, when she's calm she can actually be rather pleasant to be around if you're into her kind of thing.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Handcuffs and various devices of torture, though she doesn't often carry these things directly on her person
Power/Ability: Malady has the rather unique ability to both create and dispel all manner of toxins and diseases. To create a certain disease or toxin, she first needs to 'sample' it and dispel it from within her own body.


The first born of a trio of sisters, Malady made the most of the high life without a younger or older sibling butting in. Being the first, she was pampered and loved by her rich parents; her father being president of Pocket Pharmaceuticals and her mother being a highly-trained chemist under the company's employ.

Life was good until she gained a little sister from another mother, Malaise. ...Her father was more than a little off kilter. As luck would have it, some of his bad traits were passed on to his first born who took to physically and mentally abusing her younger sibling, forging her into the perfect puppet to shape to her every desire.

By the time Misery was born, Malady was already striking out into the world, using money and her own insanity to fuel her fame. By the time she'd turned 10 she was already marketing several products for children, which eventually warped and transformed into a sex toy empire as she grew older and her tastes changed for the darker and more perverted.

Now she's rarely seen out without her two sisters in tow, the trio appearing happy... at least on the outside... There's rarely a day where she stays indoors, usually flitting about to this or that social event even if she hasn't been invited. If all else fails... shop!

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