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Malaise Maxence - Middle Sister Empty Malaise Maxence - Middle Sister

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Character Description


Malaise Maxence - Middle Sister Pbucket

Basic Information

Character Name: Malaise Maxence
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: On the short side
Weight: Featherweight
Personality: The runt of her litter, Malaise prefers to let things roll off her back rather than cause a conflict over anything that she sees as stupid, that being anything and everything. Lazy and a contemporary cynic, it's very rare that you'll manage to get Malaise to get up and do anything for you including, but not limited to, saving your life.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Whatever she finds around.
Power/Ability: In an instant, Malaise can alter an object's potential and kinetic energy simply by touching it, stopping even the fastest moving objects dead in their tracks or sending the heaviest objects sliding across the ground as if they were on ice.


The not-so-secret lovechild of Maxwell Maxence and his secretary that eventually ended his first marriage, Malaise joined the family to be inflicted with the full ire of her sister, Malady.

Largely unresisting and apathetic, Malaise made an easy target for Malady to create for herself a puppet to do with as she wished, making her the only one that Malaise would be willing to do anything for, though mostly out of fear than any sense of real loyalty.

Malaise couldn't have been happier once her younger sister was born as it gave Malady something new to concentrate on and gave her a bit of a break from constantly being tormented. With Misery as the new punching bag, Malaise could sit back and just play lackey. Life was... alright.

Unlike Malady, Malaise's discovery of her newborn powers was rather... eventful. Trying to explain to an emergency operator that her sister had somehow shoved an old mansion key through her brain and out the other side was difficult for poor Misery... Thankfully the damage was minimal, though it did bring out some of her more negative personality quirks...

It was safer to let the key remain where it was than attempt to pull it out and so Malaise carries with her a rather obvious sign that she's not like everyone else.

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