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Character Description


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Basic Information

Character Name: Ethan Semion White
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Personality: Ethan is quiet but well mannered, preferring to great everyone in a formal way. He's also incredibly cold to those he doesn't know or care for.

Basic Info Continued

Weapon(s): Ethan has an arsenal of Soviet Era weapons in different safe houses all over America City. His usual weapons consist of full-auto modified Glock 17, 9mm pistol and a Long barreled Glock 40, 10mm pistol. For wet work Ethan prefers the Fairbairn-Sykes style fighting knife.
Ethan can summon Spirit Familiars. Most take the form of shadowy small fuzzy animals with glowing red eyes, some are invisible and weightless. Ethan can communicate with his familiars, he knows the direction and distance to all the familiars he has summoned at any time. The presence of a familiar can amplify the superhuman qualities of any person they are in contact with, excluding Ethan. Familiars can also slightly suppress the superhuman qualities of any person they are in regular contact with. A familiars bite appears as a shallow cut or abrasion, meaning a single familiar is a nuisance, several can be painful.


An Assassin in a long line of assassins on both sides of his family, one of several siblings taught in the ways of the professional hit-man from a young age. Fulfilled his first contract at the age of 8. His family were closely aligned with the Mikhailov crime family, Ethan's godfather being a high ranking Krysha, or enforcer. On his sixteenth birthday Ethan's life was shattered as turmoil within the Mikhailov family came to a head, the bloodshed will remain with Ethan forever. Unsure if he was the only one of his family that made it out alive, all the young man could do was continue taking up arms with the Mikhailov's embattled Pakhan or boss, he moved as a surgical scalpel wiping out as many of the Traitors as he could between sleeping and eating. When reparations were finally made and the traitors were finally pulled back into the fold the family was a lot smaller.

Since the Kassir or book keeper, was on the side of the traitors Ethan took payment in hardware, and through all the work he'd done he'd amassed warehouses worth of guns, bombs, vehicles, supplies. When the family came together Ethan took off on his own, having taken a granddaughter of the Pakhan as his wife. Valeriya Mikhailov-White was a Bratva trained assassin, and the best female assassin in the syndicate.

The two lived happily taking contracts for a living, picking only the worst of the worst to kill, they didn't have stringent morals or an overly binding code, but believed that killing the worst of the worst they were doing both humanity and the criminal under world a favor, by acting as natural selection of the criminal class.

Their peace was shattered, not by some rival assassin or overzealous police officer but by a drunk driver that t-boned Valeriya's barchetta at sixty miles an hour. The crash killing both Valeriya and Ethan's unborn child instantly, with the drunk driver able to stumble away under his own power.

Ethan fell into a bottle, spending more time with his Godfather the only other survivor of the Birthday-massacre. It has only been recently that Ethan has begun working again, after almost a year of mourning for his wife and self-pity that for all the countless nemeses he'd defeated, all the rivals he'd bested and all the marks he'd cashed in on, it was a single stupid drunk that ruined his world.

On the anniversary of his Valeriya's death he discovered his ability to summon Familiars, having been haunted by blurs that had harassed him on that solemn day. The shadow creatures were extensions of his will, an ability he'd quickly exercised into full usage with his particular skill set. Once again the streets will run red with the blood of the worst of the worst.

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